Focused on Success

When we accept any assignment, we use processes and techniques commonly employed only in executive search. We don’t just rely on advertising on our own web-site, on-line job boards or newspapers.

  • we develop a customized recruiting strategy based on corporate profile, job requirements, time constraints and market conditions
  • we determine the best ways to identify candidates in these circumstances. This may include advertising but only in conjunction with other search techniques
  • we utilize our extensive database, our referrals and our expertise to identify potential candidates
  • we personally interview all candidates considered for each search and explore both “hard” and “soft” skill sets
  • we conduct independent and thorough reference and background checks
  • we match clients’ needs with candidates’ aspirations in both the short and long term
  • we also offer supplementary consulting services concerning organizational structure, job descriptions and performance management

Focused on Service

In an industry often characterized by volume, we do business with a personal touch.

  • we treat both clients and candidates as professionals
  • we keep all communication strictly confidential
  • we return all phone calls
  • we acknowledge all resumes and e-mails
  • we keep both candidates and clients up to date on the status of each search
  • we follow up with both the candidate and the client involved in each placement throughout the probationary period and beyond
  • we provide complimentary informal updates to clients and candidates regarding market trends as requested
  • we keep all candidate files indefinitely and update them continually

Focused on Value

We are a contingency based search firm. There is no up-front cost to the client and no charge to candidates.

  • our fee schedule is competitive within the industry
  • clients can influence the fee charged by selecting from several options
  • we offer a significant discount on invoices paid within 14 days
  • we offer additional discounts to Preferred Clients
  • all our placements are guaranteed
  • our meticulous approach encourages candidate retention
  • alternatively, we can manage the response to your advertisement for a nominal fee
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